Anger Management

The Drag Boat above is named Anger Management and it is owned by driver Greg Lempar of GNE Motor Sports.
This Pro Mod Blown Alcohol Hydro Drag Boat develops over 1800 HP with speeds up to 180 MPH!!

GNE Motor Sports is owned and operated by Gregory Lempar. He is married to his wife Banner and they have three sons, Nathan, Ethan, Brandon and one daughter, Megan. Gregory is also the owner of GNE Automotive. GNE Motor Sports is based out of a small country town called Comfort, Texas about 45 miles North of San Antonio, Texas.Gregory is ranked 5th in the world as a river racer for 2003. He is a member of the Southern Drag Boat association and the International Hot Boat Association. At age 33, Gregory has been racing for five years as a drag boat racer in the Pro Mod Blown Alcohol Hydro Division. This class of boat racing reaches speeds of up to 180 MPH within a quarter of a mile. Gregory is an independent racer and relies on his support from small individual sponsors and support from his many fans. He is never too busy to talk to a fan or sign an autograph. Gregory would like to invite the general public to come out and enjoy the exciting sport of Drag Boat Racing.